Snow Angels Program

shovelEach year, the City of Lincoln receives an average of about 28 inches of snow. Removing snow from sidewalks and driveways can be a challenge for many Lincoln residents, especially after large storms. Shoveling snow also can be a health risk for many.

The City Transportation and Utilities Department often receives calls from residents who are physically unable to remove the snow themselves. Many times, they do not have friends or family members available to assist them.

To fill this need, Transportation and Utilities started the Snow Angels Program to link volunteers willing to shovel snow with residents who need the service.

Any individual or organization wishing to volunteer for snow removal as part of the Snow Angels program may sign up below. Residents in need of assistance may select an individual or organization by opening the map and clicking on a snowflake icon to view the contact information for a Snow Angel volunteer near their homes.

If you have questions or need help registering for the program or finding a volunteer, you may call Transportation and Utilities Maintenance Operations at 402-441-7701. Due to limited staffing, those needing assistance are asked to wait until after it has snowed to call for assistance.

Register to Volunteer

Once you sign up to volunteer, your contact information will be added to the Snow Angels map, and it will be available for those in need of assistance to look up. You can change or remove your contact information at any time using this form.